Project: UNIAUD

UNIAUD is a generic OS/2 MMPM audio driver that supports the vast majority of audio hardware.
Based on the Linux ALSA project, it is designed to address the needs of enterprises and SoHo/Endusers running the IBM OS/2 platform. Its sophisticated architecture minimizes development effort for the support of new audio hardware and ensures both high quality and current OS/2 support without the amount of work normally involved in creating an OS/2 audio device driver.

UNIAUD at a glance

  • A single OS/2 sound driver that provides support for nearly all audio chipsets and systems available on the market today and in the future. No more audio hardware specific changes to the Operasting System are necessary - a "one size fits all" approach. As a side efffect, this also eliminates the quality problems of most traditional OS/2 sound drivers.
  • Directly based on ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture), the standard for audio support on Linux with hundreds of sound cards and chipsets supported today and new ones constantly being added.
  • Modular architecture makes the process of supporting new hardware extremely efficient and cost effective
  • Contains own UNIAUD API which gives access to almost all audio hardware internals. UNIAUD API adds multicard/multichannel capbilitioes and unique mixer controls to your audio applications
  • ToDo's & Changelog

    There is a ToDo-list including a weekly status report in our NikiWiki. You are welcome to contact the author in cause you have some feedback.

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